Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Tweak a Week

I LOVE the holiday season. These next few weeks are my favorite out of the entire year. Already the magazines are full of articles - decorating, cooking, baking, crafts, gift ideas and more. And, of course, they also have articles and ideas on how to get through the next couple months without gaining any weight. Followed by the January issues full of 'New Year New You' exercise and diet routines.
I always try those, but rarely, if ever, stick to them. It's just too much all at once. Plus, I just don't have time to workout for an hour or the finances to go to some fancy gym or buy equipment for home plans or buy the exotic foods in their plans.
Soooo, I thought I'd try something a bit different. Gradual changes that get me through the holidays and into 2017 without gaining more than a pound or two (which I don't mind. Trust me - my Mom's cheesecake is worth it!) and keeping some semblance of health and sanity.
Every Sunday I'll have another suggestion to 'add in'. Nothing will be big or massively time-consuming or a hit to your pocketbook. Just little tweaks that can add up.

This week's tweak - walking 30 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be all at once. If you're at an office, try to get up every couple hours and walk the halls for ten minutes. Or squeeze in 15-20 minutes during lunch. Bonus if you can go outside (weather permitting) and get fresh air and sunshine for your Vitamin D daily dose. Or, as I've done on occasion - get up every hour and walk 5 minutes. Thirty plus minutes easy peasy. If you have a dog, you're probably getting your thirty minutes with no problem. Keep track and add on a few minutes if you need to. Have children? Have them come with you in the evening (if it's safe, of course) and use the time as a way to unwind from the busyness of school and activities and talk with them.

I have a small notebook to write down the days of the week and how I fit in the walking - like Tuesday - 5, 10, 10, 5. And I'm done. Anything to get up and moving.

I am going to make it through the last eleven weeks of the year making small tweaks that focus on me and start 2017 healthier and happier. Join me!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

October crafts with Abby

What to do when there are high winds and the threat of thunderstorms? I get crafty and pull out projects kept for just such times. With three cats (and three sons now flown from the nest) the furniture has a bit of wear and tear. So, I came up with a way of covering up the damage and adding to my seasonal d├ęcor.

First project – updating the ottoman for the rocking chair – I decided on one pattern, measured the ottoman and added a couple extra inches to tuck under. At each corner, I sewed small strips of elastic to hold it in place and… voila, a new cover.

Second project – this one took longer – I used ‘fat’ quilting squares and sewed them together to go around the sides. Taking a remnant of the material used for the ottoman, I cut that to fit the top, with extra for the hem. And… done.

I don’t think upholstering will be a second career, but I like the results and am already looking for material that will fit with my winter/Christmas decorations so I can do more over Thanksgiving.

Bonus? Panda Bear approves. I think.