Friday, March 3, 2017

The weekend! Finally

Have three stories bubbling in my brain (yes, the voices can do that! lol) - two are paired up - in the first - the woman is a bitch and the man deals with her, she learns a lesson and in the second, the situation is reversed - the man is an asshat and the woman teaches him. And the third - it's the lovers kept apart by snobby relatives (his) and he goes searching for her, throw in an ice storm, an isolated farmhouse.... ;) I won't be able to write them this weekend, but I'll get the gist of it down so I can go back to it. And, so far, these are stand-alones (or paired) and not with any series currently in the works. Then again, the characters have this habit of going 'hey! guess what we're doing now?'. I'm just along for the ride.

I've received a few emails about Ally in The Master's Choice, mostly saying she's just too weak for them. I appreciate the feedback! What I was trying to show was a different type of strength in a woman. She's been through a lot - lost everyone in her family except a long-lost cousin and then was in a marriage to Kevin MacLauren (more to come on him!) - so I just wanted to show different ways women deal with situations. And she does stand up to JW and demand he be honest with her.

I love the messages and emails so keep them coming!

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